Andrew Holt
Andrew Holt
Andrew Holt
Andrew Holt
Andrew Holt
Mushrooms in Buckinghamshire Beechwoods Gunera Chilensis plant at Powis Castle Dancing sculptures above Piccadilly Circus
Andrew Holt
Magnified eye in loupe Refracted light patterns on blue through water Zoom blur of urban street lighting
Mushrooms in Beechwood
Toy Jaguar XJS on old Amstrad Keyboard Glowing red embers of cardboard on fire Cut edge of tree trunk catching light
Drooping icicles from alpine cabin against blue sky Old dead tree against sunset in Kruger Park Dick Holt juggling fire in burning circles
Wheat ears of corn against summer blue sky Triangular reflections through fish tanks Baby feet
Thistle heads with spikes backlit by evening sun Orchid flowers Patterns in old lichen-greened tyre
Rocky stones Figure of man reflected in window of London Eye capsule Proud cockerel with red cockscomb
White cat with minimal depth of field on eye Light fitting in wave curve Stair shapes and details in office building
Kitchen tapware in chrome Square candles reflecting in contemporary batrhroom Illuminations in a Holland Park stairwell
Tree surgeon in silhouette
Andrew Holt
from architecture to zymurgy, on location and in the studio, we cover all picture needs for advertising, brochures, magazines, books and display prints. please phone or email to discuss your requirements.

architectural and aerial photography of large and small, ancient and modern buildings and their interiors using a Linhof 5x4" technical view camera, pictures of details, fittings and abstract views also produced.

interior photography of public buildings, offices, houses, hotels and aircraft. extensive supplementary lighting available when required and 360 degree interactive website panoramas can be created.

portrait photography can be format or candid and taken in the studio or on location with additional lighting as necessary.

sport and speed

business, the workplace and manufacturing

hotel photography requires a broad range of skills; buildings, large interiors, intimate rooms, restaurants, food, staff and guests

Gunera Chilensis plant
Urban street lighting
Refracted light patterns
Toy Jaguar on Keyboard
Glowing red embers
Cut edge of tree trunk
Dick Holt juggling fire
Drooping icicles
Triangular reflections
Wheat ears of corn
Patterns in old tyre
Thistle heads
Rocky stones
Reflection on London Eye
Shapes and details
Light fitting in wave curve
Kitchen tapware
Square candles reflecting
Tree surgeon in silhouette
Illuminations in a stairwell
White cat
Cockerel with cockscomb
Orchid flowers
Baby feet
Sunset in Kruger Park
Magnified eye in loupe
Piccadilly Circus sculptures
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