Andrew Holt
Andrew Holt
Andrew Holt
Andrew Holt
Andrew Holt
Christmas pudding cocktail on fire Basket of harvest produce Farley���s baby products
Andrew Holt
Coiled plastic slinky toy Metal baby sculpture by Diarmuid Byron O���Connor Female nude sculpture by Christine Pendry
Christmas cocktail on fire
Chess knights face each other in combat Collection of exotic fruit Pork dish with Hollandaise Sauce
Marble carved Buddha from Burma Antarctica Guarana energy drink Metal saxophone pixie sculpture by David Goode
Blenheim bottled water Blenheim bottled water with rain and palace Aircraft against setting sun
HP Hewlett Packard computer servers Detail of executive jet aircraft engine and tail
Andrew Holt
from architecture to zymurgy, on location and in the studio, we cover all picture needs for advertising, brochures, magazines, books and display prints. please phone or email to discuss your requirements.

architectural and aerial photography of large and small, ancient and modern buildings and their interiors using a Linhof 5x4" technical view camera, pictures of details, fittings and abstract views also produced.

interior photography of public buildings, offices, houses, hotels and aircraft. extensive supplementary lighting available when required and 360 degree interactive website panoramas can be created.

portrait photography can be format or candid and taken in the studio or on location with additional lighting as necessary.

sport and speed

business, the workplace and manufacturing

hotel photography requires a broad range of skills; buildings, large interiors, intimate rooms, restaurants, food, staff and guests

Female nude sculpture
Metal baby sculpture
Chess knights
Exotic fruit
Metal saxophone pixie
Antarctica Guarana drink
Blenheim bottled water
Aircraft against setting sun
HP computer servers
Detail of executive jet
Blenheim bottled water
Buddha from Burma
Pork dish with Sauce
Plastic slinky toy
Harvest produce
Farley's baby products
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